2018 Seminar: Thursday, May 24 – Sunday, May 27

Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: 9-10:30am on Thursday, May 24th at the Dion Family Student Center (1st floor), Saint Michael’s College
Departure: 11:15-11:30am Parent Program (McCarthy Recital Hall) on Sunday, May 27th with Closing Ceremony 11:30am-1:00pm (McCarthy Recital Hall)
Click here for a map of Saint Michael’s College and here for a detailed FAQ about the previous 2016 Seminar.

What will I be doing at HOBY Vermont?

This year, thousands of high school students will attend HOBY programs. We will present multiple viewpoints on important issues and encourage you to think critically about leadership, in addition to identifying your own particular leadership strengths. The youth participants, referred to as “HOBY Ambassadors,” will enjoy experiential learning in the forms of:

  • Inspiration from keynote speakers
  • Interaction with community leaders from education, government, business, media and the non-profit sector
  • Participation in community service projects that impact the lives of those in need
  • Leadership games and activities helping you to develop skills in organization, communication, problem solving and goal setting
  • Lasting bonds with other HOBY participants based on shared values, goals and experiences
  • And FUN!!!

What you get out of the program will correlate directly with your level of participation in the activities—so come prepared to interact!

What should I bring to HOBY Vermont?

      1. An open mind and a willingness to improve yourself as a leader.
      2. Appropriate clothing for May in Vermont. During the 2013 seminar, Mother Nature went a little crazy and dropped the weather down into the 30s.  There was even measurable snowfall on Saturday night.  While it is usually very nice in Vermont in May, please bring a few layers in case of harsh weather.
        • Please bring a business casual outfit for Sunday’s closing ceremony
        • Bring appropriate clothes for our “School” Dance Friday night
        • It can get chilly during day in certain rooms, please bring sweatshirts
        • Wear comfortable clothes
        • Sneakers required (for times in gym)
        • You will likely be working outside for a volunteer project, please bring: boots/sneakers(closed toe shoes), work gloves, and clothes that can get dirty.
      3. No Homework – Trust us, there will not be time for it.
      4. Electronic Devices/cell phones – In order to provide the best experience possible, HOBY Vermont does not allow personal electronic devices or cell phones unless you are in your dorm room.
      5. Linens & Toiletries including:
        • You will need all linens (or a sleeping bag) for a regular twin bed.
        • Shower shoes
        • All necessary personal toiletries
      6. Props for skits.
      7. A fan.
      8. Money for the HOBY store.


You will not need…

  1. An alarm clock, we’ll wake you up!
  2. Watches
  3. No sporting goods please.  You will not have time for it.

A more detailed packing list can be found here.